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My Randomness! [13 Sep 2020|03:18pm]
Dear everyone, both my friends, and those who feel like adding me as your friend.

Honestly when I update, I use Semagic program, which means I don't launch the LJ site.

And I don't actually pay much visit at my friends' place. = =" I know it's bad.

But of course, once in a while, when I have time, and on the right mood, I'd go to visit my friends' pages and read it all at once.

Sometimes, I don't reply the comments, 'cause once I read the replies, I replied it by talking to myself, and totally forgot that I didn't make the proper reply to those comments! XDD

I basically added everyone who wants to be my friends, but of course, I have my filters.

And I almost never delete ppl from my f-list, unless you delete me first.

And I'd do no harm to you, if you don't harm me.

Fair enough.

My post are totally RANDOM, very very very few of them are related to Arashi, if you wanna read my Arashi posts, go to my vox account.

This LJ is more personal journal, which has 100% of my real personality, my thought my experience, and of course, 100% true story, 'cause I don't lie.

So IF you happened to read my LJ and feel strongly against it, I'm not begging you to read it. ;)

My main purpose of writing this LJ, is to remind myself.....and to explode my feeling somewhere where most of Thai ppl or my friends in real life don't come to read it.

In other words, it's kinda private diary, but I let my friends to share my memory and let them know how I have been in each moments.

In other words, it's more like I'm talking to myself, and talking to you guys at the same time, as friends, as you're going to get to learn how I am in the real person.

'cause I dont' want anyone to expect me to be something I am not. Once you read it, you may know it that........I am what I am.

I yelled, I screamed, I cursed, I cried, I smiled, I did post every of my feeling right here.

Please respect this, and we can be friends. :)


And I'm trying to keep my randomness right here. XDCollapse )
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Out of my ARASHI fandom [16 Oct 2015|04:20am]
Nik og JAY!Collapse )
Here it is!!! NIK og JAY!! I LOVE THEMM!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't imagine how Danish language is, this can give you a clear picture of speaking Danish...
(Yes...Imagine me speaking just like that! LOL I LOVE speaking Danish~~~~~!!!)
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All About Straps [19 Oct 2012|09:46pm]
For any of you who're interested in my starps work. (both Arashi and Non-Arashi related order)

Please check out for more information here:


Currently, I'm working on: Handphone straps, wirstbands&bracelets, Necklaces&chokers.

And I don't have much free-time like before, so please place your order before every Weekends, so I can make sure that I've got enough material to ship to you on Mondays or Tuesdays....Wed-Thurs-Fri, are usually they day I'll reply you about the price and recieve the payment, and make the stuffs on Weekends(yes, after I got enough materials for each work.)

So let's see if you like them. =)
Cry for you!

seems like I don't have a life.... [16 Aug 2010|01:43am]
well just skip my journal if you can remember who the heck I am. LOLCollapse )
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Monster-Limited Version!!! [19 May 2010|09:39am]

I just realized that I accidentally did a double booking for Monster-Limited version.

So Anyone who's looking for the copy please contact me,ok?

But you need to take care all of the shipping fee and transferring fee by yourself.

No benefit charge.

I love arashi,but it doesn't mean that I need to have such many copies at home....especially the limited ones which should go to the others' hands too.

just mail me, not through the LJ comments, thanks.
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HEY!! [16 May 2010|02:00am]

I'm fine but still damn busy as usual!!!

Job hunting, studying, working....blablabla

and I just made the Video as the project in the school,
I made this alone(Filming editing) and this is the first project that I make it properly.

Well, I hope you enjoy it and any comments would be loved!!!


the Project's theme is "Nice to meet you" with the "introduce yourself as the third person" concept.

The theme and concept are given by the teacher, but we have our freedom to do anything within 120seconds.

So I made it this way.

OK please enjoy watching it!!

Cry for you!

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! [05 Feb 2010|04:42pm]
It's been ages ago since the last time I posted my journal here!!!

I've been damn busy as usual but this time with the Job hunting process!!!

Japanese recruiting system is damn too troublesome!!!!

You have to prepare for 1 year before you'll be hired.

if you wanna know more!!!!Collapse )
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If this world can just leave me live in peace for a while.... [14 May 2009|02:42pm]


Why my life's been soooooo busy and twisting up-side-down like this???

Or is it because of myself??? LOL

But I bet it's also because of my luck...

Too manythings bothering my life...

Works, Love, Family, Study...


Well, don't worry, I'm happy and actually I do enjoy my life.

But I just have no time to take the rest, I mean getting myself away from everything.

My Dad just sent the resignment, yes, he'll take the leave from the current job........

So now I wonder what he's going to do next, he won't get other chance for any other work with such high salary...though...

but instead, he'll recieve the big amonth of the work insurance money from his workplace....

But all would go for the debt! XDDDDD

Manythings to do, I'm so sorry for taking less contact to everyone,

I read all the messages and everything, no reply means I'm ok,

and if I ever reply, that means there's some urgent issue!!

So don't worry, everything is ok, and I managed everything.

and sorry for being lacking of the contacts like this.

The school's getting to be busy, with all the reserch and project.

and the work is kinda busy as usual...

= ="

As I have no time watching Arashi, I'll tell you...


But I love Arashi and Nino as much as usual.

No replies means I'm fine, ok?



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quiz again~! [01 Apr 2009|02:05pm]
You Feel Like You Don't Fit In 13% Of The Time

You have no trouble fitting in and being an active participant in this world. Like everyone you experience the valleys in life, but you take them in stride. You are what they call "well-adjusted". Bravo.

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My frist mini-live [19 Mar 2009|02:29am]
Long time nooooooo see~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

I've been quite busy with my maid life.....(Ok.....95% of my life is at the maid thingy right now... = =".... I'm kinda work-aholic...)

and yes...

I'm having a good news~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out if you feel like knowing!!Collapse )
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@home World English version~!! [18 Feb 2009|01:52pm]


my Cafe has launched the new website,

@Home world English version~!!!



I hope someday they'll update all the information on Japanese site into the English version as well.

Anyway, long time no see you guys~~~ <333

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I wanna make you guys watch this.. [20 Jan 2009|03:28am]
Aside from my lovely newhalf-kohai....

All of the boys are the university's cheerleaders!

And this makes me laugh like mad!! XDD

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LOL [02 Dec 2008|06:41pm]
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I love today!! HAHAHA [27 Nov 2008|03:05am]
I had a Cosplay Day today,
with the theme, dressing as a man.

And it ended up with this.....

Hahahahaha....I laughed like mad for thisCollapse )
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I LOVE THIS!!! [17 Nov 2008|11:58pm]


I can't stop watching this!! Help me! XDDDDDDDD
Cry for you!

MAN!! I wanna go back to Thailand!!!!!!! [09 Nov 2008|12:36am]
I'm graduated....

yes I know I' m graduated!!!!

But this makes me wanna go back to my Uni.!!Collapse )
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blog updated 10/19 [20 Oct 2008|01:05am]
This entry talks about my 1 month anniversary working as a maid in Akihabara!!!

Check it out!

It's been 1 month already! How surprise!

Hope that I can keep going on with this job as long as possible~!
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Maid's blog update [19 Oct 2008|05:11am]
For those who're interested in one Foreigner maid's life. :P

again, cause you can't comment in that site, so I created this entry for you to comment if you feel like to~.
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Maid's blog update 10/15 [16 Oct 2008|02:16pm]
Since the random people can't give the comment in my Maid's blog, and you may not allowed to post the whole comment in English. (You have to become the membership /aka fanclub before being able to access the comment option. =x)

So I'll just leave the link to my most recent entry right here, and please give a comment in this journal. :)

If you are interested in how it is to become Akihabara's foreigner Maid. XDCollapse )

3 Namidas|Cry for you!

photo shooting [15 Oct 2008|12:19am]

Now I kinda understand Arashi member's feeling when being taken photo.

I went for Photo shooting today!!!!!! Yes, as a model!!!

(gosh....I know I'm the one who's not cute at all....and still doubt for having me working here as a maid. XD)

Usually the photos will be printed and sold, as like those in JE shop.

We have our own shop for selling the photos and cafe's goods too.

and we have Live, and albums.

Long way to go from now. xD

first of all, I need to gain more popularity.

= ="




please pay a visit Yokie's official blog

I'm trying to translate my previous entry into English too.

Being a maid is fun, believe me!!!!


(But poor.....)
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